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The Webmaster has asked
me to keep this brief, but as a retired school teacher, that may be difficult!

Although I retired many years ago, after 19 years of teaching high school in Washington State, Oregon and here in
Princeton, BC, I still have a strong interest in education. One expression of this is a column on fishing trout in our local newspaper. I also have taught a number of people to tie flies. (I still sell flies in stores here in BC.) My teaching subjects were Biology, 9-12, General Science 9-10, Woodshop 8-11, Driver Education, Art 8, Crafts 9-11, Drafting, Electricity, and Metal Work. Thinking back on those years, I am reminded of the many great teenagers I met and while I taught them, I also learned a lot from them. Coaching basketball was a highlight of those years! You may wonder about the variety of my subjects, but when I began my career, I decided I would never teach in a large city, such as I grew up in. I wanted to teach where I could be outdoors in nature within a few miles of home, and it has been my good fortune to live in beautifully-located small towns. Teaching in small schools usually results in a variety of assignments, and I liked the variety! Now it is time to close this "brief biography". Thanks for staying with me, and I hope some of you with similar hobbies and interests will send me an e-mail. I'll list my hobbies and interests:

Any kind of fish, especially trout. I "cut my teeth" on brown trout as a youth, growing up in
Duluth, Minnesota. Now, I fish rainbow (Kamloops variety) in British Columbia. I've been able to fish in Norway, Iceland, the USA (Alaska, Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Oregon, Washington State, Wisconsin), Canada (Alberta, British Columbia, Labrador, Newfoundland, Ontario). I've been very fortunate to be able to pursue this sport in so many places. Also see the Trout Flies by John SANDNESS and Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild pages. 

You will get an idea of this hobby by viewing a few photos of our area. Nature scenes with water are prominent in my collection. Recently, I've gotten the digital camera bug. Do any of you remember the Brownie Hawkeye 620 film cameras? I still have mine. Those black and white photos taken with that Hawkeye are among my most treasured. The memories of my teen years and early college days are preserved on those B&W's. 
As you may have noticed, I'm outdoor-oriented. We walk every day, when the weather permits. We are fortunate here in Princeton, BC, to see so many animals and birds, which are scarce or non-existent in other areas. It is not uncommon to see deer and coyotes on our two-mile or so hikes just outside town. Also, lots of marmots! I have bluebird boxes, which we are currently watching, up along our hiking trails. All the scrap wood from my carpentry projects goes into birdhouses.
I also enjoy growing sunflowers in the garden (55 KB).
We have added quite a lot of information about our town, Princeton, BC, on separate pages.
Woodworking, carving, etc.:

I've carved since my teens, but recently have had time in retirement to spend more hours at the carving bench, which I was able to build after a flood wiped out the foundation of our house ("a mixed blessing") and we rebuilt the basement. 

Acrylic, watercolor, some oil, pastel, "etc." Our Senior's group has weekly art sessions, and I've been doing acrylics and watercolors now since 1995.
Stamp Collecting:

Since my
Boy Scout Merit Badge days, when I earned a Collector's badge, I have collected worldwide stamps, especially USA, Canada and Scandinavian stamps. If anyone is interested, I would like to trade - with a limited number of correspondents of similar interest. I am not collecting high-value, investment-type stamps, but am collecting only for the fun of it.

I love books, and have an extensive fishing and outdoor book library. My favourite fishing authors are Ray BERGMAN, Joe BROOKS and A.J. McLANE. When I think back on favourites, a childhood book, I recall Paddle to the Sea influencing my interests. Roderick HAIG-BROWN's Starbuck Valley Winter was also great. Currently, Peter FREUCHEN's Book of the Seven Seas is keeping me awake in the wee hours when I should be sleeping. "How-To" books rank high with me, like How to Get Out of the Rat Race and Live on $10 a Week by G.L. HERTER!! Seriously, the Foxfire series of books, which my brother and his wife gave me are very good reading and I recommend them. Books on Northern Canada natives and fauna also rank high with me.
Links to: Foxfire;
Peter FREUCHEN (Biography);
Roderick HAIG-BROWN (Biography);
Paddle to the Sea (Gulf of Maine Aquarium).
Lion's Club:

I'm a lifetime member with 30-plus year's membership, and have held most offices, except President, which I avoid like the plague. Currently, I'm
Hearing and Sight Chairman. We have collected thousands of used eyeglasses to ship to Third World countries. I'm very proud of this club effort undertaken over the last 20 years.

E-mail: jnsandness@hotmail.com


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