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As a seven-year-old, I started tying flies. I had walked down to the local sporting goods store & admired the beautiful flies on display. Coming home, I found some feathers showing through the ticking of a pillow on my bed. Pulling them out, I tied them on a hook with some red thread. I don't recall whether I caught any fish on that redhead mallard feather fly, but my fly tying hobby got started then. You might say I've been hooked since I was four years old & went fishing in northern Minnesota with my father. I caught no trout, but was sure proud of the chubs.
At about nine years old, I caught my first brook trout on a Coachman wet fly. Some fifty-seven or so years later, I still enjoy fly tying & fly-fishing very much. (Here is a Kamloops trout I caught on a #12 Halfback Nymph a few years ago, at Dragon Lake near Quesnel, BC. As I had a three-pound tippet on my leader, I had to be very careful. It took quite a while to land this one.) In fact, I tie about 6,000 flies yearly for my business. To quote my friend, I call my business "more than a hobby but less than a living". It is so appropriate!
Actually, the name of my business is "Custom Trout Flies".

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My specialties are:

FlyTrout flies, for Kamloops trout particularly:

Allison Streamer Fly (19 KB)
Deer Hair Mouse (13 KB)
Jointed Body Damsel Nymph Fly (7 KB)
Lioness (26 KB)
Muddler Minnows (42 KB)
Early Trout Flies made by John SANDNESS (35 KB)

FlySteelhead & salmon patterns:

Salmon Flies (29 KB)

FlyBass & panfish bugs:

Bass Flies (29 KB)

FlyOther lures, etc:

Carved Beaver & Duck Lures (34 KB)
Carved Turtle Lure (62 KB)

Muddler Minnows, Tom Thumbs, Humpies & other deer hair patterns are my favorites. There is nothing like watching a hungry trout or bass smash a Muddler Minnow. The flies are fun to tie, too. I put eyes on them & dress them up with red gills & other materials. I guess by now, I have over 25 varieties of Muddler Minnows. They are my favorite by far. However, our most effective Canadian pattern is the Doc Spratley, & if you haven't tried one on trout or steelhead, you should!
I am also an avid collector of all things related to trout fishing & bass fishing. Such paraphernalia threatens to swamp our basement, not to mention the Fly Room, where I tie flies.
I enjoy trading fly patterns with people from all around the world. It's fun to see their creations. As I have Keith Perrault's book with over 12,000 patterns, you can see this collection could take two or thee lifetimes, but I'm enjoying this one & the collecting so far.
Those of you who would like to try some of my flies can contact me, as I can supply them by mail.

Read an excerpt from my new book "Trout Talk"!
Over 100 fishing columns written for a small weekly newspaper in southern BC, Canada.

Contact me about the book "Trout Talk".

Front Cover of 'Trout Talk' Book

I also write a fishing & outdoor activity column for our local newspaper. The stories are about 98% accurate, & considering the subject matter (fishing, size of fish, weight of fish, etc.), this is not doing too badly. You probably can relate to these temptations when telling fish stories.

If you would like to share or trade stories, fly patterns, paraphernalia, etc.,
please contact me.

I am a charter member of the Princeton Fly Tyer's Guild

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Links to our local newspapers:
The Similkameen News Leader &
The Similkameen Spotlight.

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