Photo of lots of jars of jelly!

"What I do in my spare time."
(Recipe for crabapple jelly at bottom of this page.)

Photo of Crabapples Photo of Crabapple Jelly in Jar

Photo of Crabapple Jelly in Jar

(Above: "Oh no, only a second place ribbon in 2005!")

From the tree to the jar to the Fall Fair (John's blue ribbon - 82 KB)!


Wash 16 c. ripe crabapples
Cover with water (about 8 c.) & bring to boil.
Simmer 15 minutes.
Crush crabapples after 10 minutes.
Place cooked crabapples & liquid in strainer (lined with cheesecloth)
over large bowl until juice is strained (makes about 6 cups).
Measure juice = __ c. (Make note of this quantity for later.)

Sterilize canning jars (about 6 x 1/2-pint) 10 minutes in boiling water.
Sterilize other canning utensils necessary.
Dry jars upside down on rack until ready to use.

Boil crabapple juice in large pot about 5 minutes.
Add slightly less sugar than the juice measure (above).
Boil about 20 minutes to 220F.
Skim off foam.

Prepare canning lids according to package directions.

Ladle juice into jars, leaving 1/2" headspace.
Wipe rims clean for a tight seal.
Put on lids & screw tops "fingertip tight".
Put filled jars in boiling water, with jar lids covered by 1" of water.
Boil 10 minutes.
Remove jars & allow to sit overnight on rack.

Check seals & label the jars.

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