Cave & Princeton Brewery (Remains), Princeton, BC, Canada

Photo of Cave, Princeton, BC, Canada

Photo of Cave, Princeton, BC, Canada

Photo of Cave Sign, Princeton, BC, Canada

Photo of Brewery, Princeton, BC, Canada

Photo of Brewery Sign, Princeton, BC, Canada

What remains of the Cave & Princeton Brewery
(located behind the Greyhound Canada Bus Depot & Billy's Family Restaurant
at 301 Vermilion Avenue & Highway 3) Princeton, BC, Canada

Memories from someone who "was born & raised in Princeton & spent the first 19 years of my life there . . My Mom & her brothers & sisters were all born there. Odd how a person can live in a town for so long & really know so little about it. The area referred to as the 'Caves' is where my friends & I spent hours & hours playing. We climbed up the little 'gullies' that existed there & we helped each other up with long ropes. To us it was real mountain climbing at the time. [The sign] states that the Princeton Brewery was sold to Calgary & closed but I think there was a little more to it than that. My Dad was a Steam Engineer in the Boiler Room at the Brewery for years. If memory serves me, the Brewery was first sold to Uncle Ben's Brewing Company from Prince George. He made a lot of changes & brought in a lot of fancy new neon signs to go up on the front of it. They probably advertized the various types of beer . . big bright neon signs that laid flat against the front of the building. Perhaps it was them who sold to a Calgary based company who then shut it down. We were all still children when the Brewery closed & I remember how it changed everything. Most of my friends moved away. Many of their Dads worked at the brewery too & if they didn't work there - they had business that rather depended on those who did work at the brewery. By the time I was 17 every girl I had been close friends with had moved away."

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